Dj gears for sales

Splinters sales shop for our dj students only


Splinters dj school now announces a pro dj sales of all latest digital dj gears for all our students only-the big news is that now our students who train from our academy and workstation will get hands on practical training on different types

Of digital dj controllers and dj cd players of latest technology from October 2013

Onwards-all students can now buy reliable products from our sales departments

Threw which we will offer students training as well as practical knowledge of handling this gears at our workstation with djsurr giving personal instructions and also guideing students to perfect equipments which will help them to further

Boost their djing career with reliable products and saving them selves from duplicate products which many vendors sell in the djing electronic market

We are promoting several brand of pioneer/denon/numark/jbl and our sales team are also offering after sales service for all gears sold via splinters

This facility is only for our students who can buy all reliable dj products from our sales staff and ready to help helpline nos on


now we offering u a dj digitial safari course with some of top notch dj players and controllers for sales as well as training

go digital now with the new pioneer cdj2000 nexus now available for sales as well as training at splinters


















go pro digitial with the new ddj wego with pro dj training and sales with our expert djsurr at splinters












go matrix digital safari expereince the new midi controller and cd player xdjr1 for sales and training under djsurr at our workstation














the pleasure of mixing with the new ddj sr- 2 channel with official serato remixing live with our expert sales and training under djsurr

ddj sr mini 2 channel controller














for sales and training call on 9820935312/9821152741
the new generation lap top controller ddjwego now at splinters

the new generation lap top controller ddjwego now at splinters


for sales enquires call on 9820935312/9821152741

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